Book Review: When Hearts Dare Series (1-2)

ARC provided by Kensington Books in exchange for a review.


by Kathleen Bittner Roth


“The last thing she needed was  a glimpse of tenderness in am man who was most likely the most dangerous person she had ever met.”

There’s something about historical romance that makes you believe in love again even though it is set during the early times and concepts of romance differ in great lengths from what used to be and the now. Celine gave me that feeling. It is more than an historical romance.It is about two lovers taking on a journey to finding their destiny. Although that may sound like every other historical romance out there, believe me, there is still something new to find in Celine.

Celine and Trevor had been both failed by love in the past. They hurt and sought different ways to cope with their losses until they found each other and discovered desire they’d never felt before. Of course, it was only a matter of time before they fell in love with each other but as all romance went, it was never easy. They found themselves faced with adversities one after another before they finally had their happy ending.

Without me saying, you’d have known that this book isn’t all balls and soirees, of finding a husband or ensnaring a debutante. It is filled with fascinating tales of broadway performances, of traveling wagons and of courageous Indians. There’s not only romance but an adventure that will surely keep you riveted.

What I like about this book is that the author gives vivid descriptions of places and detailed information of how people then lived their lives even to the smallest of details like what type of silk they fashion and what wine they drink. Others might find it unnecessary and boring but I like it. As a reader, it is always a plus when you get to learn something new from a romance novel.

Also, I love every one of the characters. They all have winning qualities that you just can’t help but want to root for them to finding their happiness. Over all, this book is enjoyable. It may have irritated me in some instances but that’s what constitutes a good book: when it makes you feel and think at the same time.


by Kathleen Bittner Roth


“While it is a hardened heart that throws it all away, it is a soft heart that simply lets it all go.”


Writing the second book of a series is always a challenge. You want it to be as good as the first one, if not better, and you hope to bring something new to it. Once again, Roth did a marvelous job in creating Alanna, the second book to When Hearts Dare series.

Alanna is the story of Wolf, a tracker who is introduced in the first story. He is set to finding the mystery of his childhood and the murderer of his mother. Along the way, he meets Alanna and discovers that he is capable of caring after all.

Funny that this book is titled “Alanna” when I find that it focuses more on Wolf’s journey more than Alanna herself. Nevertheless, this book, in my opinion, is infinitesimally better than Celine. The story is well drawn out. Roth sure took her time developing the characters and it served well for the story had more depth. Alanna is a wonderful heroine. She is smart, full of wisdom and very capable. Wolf is just as amazing. He is head strong and reliable.

The elements I like from the first book are present here as well: action and adventure, informative writing, detailed descriptions and explosive chemistry between the H/h. Because the author took her time to develop the chemistry between Wolf and Alanna, their love came out more passionate and touching. So many times they stopped their urges that it truly became a ‘sizzling’ encounter every time they are together. Job well done on that aspect.

This book also offers a lot of new things not present in the first book like lessons in ancient Asian culture. Although the pattern of the story is somehow identical to Celine in the sense that a lead character meets a ‘wise Asian’ in his/her adventure, it still worked for me.

Suffice to say, this book is fantastic and I sure would like to reread it one day.


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