Title: A Kingdom of Dreams

Author: Judith McNaught

Genre: Historical Romance

Published: July 2003, Pocket Books (first published 1989)

Rating: 4/5 stars ★★★★

mcnaught judith a kingdom of dreamsBLURB:

Abducted from her convent school, headstrong Scottish beauty Jennifer Merrick does not easily surrender to Royce Westmoreland, Duke of Claymore. Known as “The Wolf”; his very name strikes terror in the hearts of his enemies. But proud Jennifer will have nothing to do with the fierce English warrior who holds her captive, this handsome rogue who taunts her with his blazing arrogance. Boldly she challenges his will . . . until the night he takes her in his powerful embrace, awakening in her an irresistible hunger. And suddenly Jennifer finds herself ensnared in a bewildering web . . . a seductive, dangerous trap of pride, passion, loyalty, and overwhelming love.



4 of 5 stars to A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught


I’m not sure whether to grant this book 3 or 4 stars but I ended up giving it a 4 anyway (same is true for ‘Almost Heaven‘). There are a lot of things that I find irritating in this book. For one, the heroine seemed a little inane and fickle. She changes beliefs in a snap of a finger. She doesn’t hold value to what she has learned from her first hand experiences that’s why she’s always in trouble. I spent half of the book annoyed with her. This particular situation seems to be a constant factor in McNaught’s books. The hero and the heroine are ALWAYS compelled to loathe each other based on gossip and what other people tell them. There are always a lot of misunderstandings, stupid decisions and conclusions, abrupt judgments and withheld information. Miscommunication, I presume, is a number one ingredient in McNaught’s conflicts. And with this, I realize, I love Julie Garwood‘s works a lot more than hers.
Having said that, I still enjoyed reading this one hence the 4 stars. I think that it’s these character flaws which appealed to me. The author wrote her fictional characters realistically. They’re flawed yet they’re loveable. I also commend the author’s masterful development of her characters. Each one is created with a vivid background. No one is one dimensional. Her characters seem to come alive as you read them. Their adventures are enjoyable to read and I believe that is one of the main reasons why she has a huge following. There are an abundant amount of historical romance writers and I can definitely say McNaught is one of the bests.