BOOK REVIEW: All the Glory by Elle Casey

Title: All The Glory

Author: Elle Casey

Series: N/A

Genre: Young Adult

Published: October 26th 2014

Rating: 3/5 stars ★★★


casey elle all the glory

“It was one of those moments in your life where the universe reminds you in a fairly obvious way that things won’t always be the same and people aren’t always what you expect them to be.”



Jason Bradley has everything going for him. He’s Banner High’s first-string varsity wide receiver, headed to another State championship, and the college recruiters are already knocking on his door. His girlfriend is every guy’s dream, there’s a brand new black Camaro with a 6.2L, V-6 engine parked in his garage, and he’s on cruise control.

But when the school’s beloved football coach turns up dead and Jason’s found standing over the body, his cruise control cuts off bringing his charmed life to a screeching halt, and the reality of being an accused murderer of the first degree takes over.

When everyone else walks away and leaves him to hang, one girl can’t. But it’s going to take more than guessing and wishing to get through to him and the truth of what happened, since he seems bound and determined to accept his fate as a criminal, tried as an adult and eligible for lethal injection.

Can one really determined girl get to the bottom of the mystery when no one else seems to care? It would be so much easier to watch him go down, and for many, maybe just a little bit too satisfying. After all, who isn’t guilty of finding pleasure in seeing that perfect someone suddenly exposed for the self-centered prick that he really is?


3/5 stars to All the Glory by Elle Casey


[NOTICE]  There is a new addition to my ‘reviews’. Since I have been encountering a lot of awful cover arts in my library recently, I have decided to take time to talk about said cover arts. I think I’ll probably rate it similar to my book reviews. I just think that publishers should take cover art seriously because that is the first thing a potential buyer sees and if it looks ugly, we all know where it’ll end up. So! To debut the cover art review, I shall give All the Glory, a measly 2 stars. It is just.. okay. It is bland and the photo is cut at an awkward angle. I know this is a self published book that’s why the quality is a little below average but awful is awful. We have to be honest here. On to the book review!

This was a fairly good book. It wasn’t outstanding nor was it bad. It’s just in the median, so to speak. It was predictable, to be honest. From the beginning, I pretty much guessed what the whole mystery was. I thought these kind of stories have been exhausted to the limit. When you think about it, the book was published last year so we can surmise that it may have been written as early as 2012. And the concept isn’t something new, even then. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about but I can’t tell you because the book is all about the ‘mystery’ and to spoil it to you guys would be just cruel and well, pointless. You just have to discover it on your own.

Going back to the topic of ‘predictability’, I was almost tempted to jump into the last few chapters and read about the resolution (the HEA) because really, there were a lot of narration here that it got boring. When you have guessed the whole mystery, reading the rest of the story unfold is pretty much pointless. Anyway, it was still a good read despite being a lot predictable.


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