First of all, I would like to apologize for being inactive for the past 4 months. I was swamped with a lot of work and real life responsibilities that blogging wasn’t just possible. I have loads of free time now and I promise to update regularly from now on.

What I chose to feature for this month is a book that is sort of like a romantic suspense with a darker feel. I read it in one sitting and kept me awake all night afterwards, it was that riveting.

The book has a bit of violence that may trigger some readers. I, myself, was skeptical to read this one because I felt it was too dark and gritty for my tastes but it was worth a shot.

The story itself was classically romantic and old-fashioned, showing the life of the characters from childhood to adulthood. For a more detailed review, you can refer to my blog post about it here.


The Paper Swan

by Leylah Attar

Genre: Contemporary

attar leylah the paper swan

“Because when we love, we carry it on the inside, and we can turn on its light even in our darkest moments. The deeper we love, the brighter it shines.”