Title: Cry No More

Author: Linda Howard

Series: N/A

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Published: May 27th 2004 by Piatkus

Rating: 5/5 stars ★★★★★


howard linda cry no more



Fueled by an obsession to fill the void in other people’s lives, Milla Edge finds lost children—all the while trying to outrun the brutal emotions stemming from a tragedy in her past. Traveling to a small village in Mexico on a reliable tip, Milla begins to uncover the dire fate of countless children who have disappeared in the labyrinth of a sinister baby-smuggling ring. The key to nailing down the organization may rest with an elusive one-eyed man. As Milla’s search for him intensifies, the mission becomes more treacherous. For the ring is part of something far larger and more dangerous, reaching the highest echelons of power. Racing into peril, Milla suddenly finds herself the hunted—in the crosshairs of an invisible, lethal assassin who aims to silence her permanently.


5 of 5 stars to Cry No More by Linda Howard


Howard Linda Cry No More

It has been a long time since I rated a book 5 stars so I felt like this book needed a review. As some of you may have noticed, Romantic Suspense is one of my favorite genres. I have read a lot of books under said genre so I think it’s fair to say that I know when I find something special. Cry No More is that book.

More than just being a romantic suspense, Cry No More is about a mother’s undying love for her child, a woman’s courage to push through everyday even if half of her soul is missing. It’s about passion in every kind that drives us to do impossible things.

Milla is one of the best heroines I have ever read. No, she isn’t perfect. She is both strong and weak but I love her more for that. She isn’t physically striking as some heroines have been portrayed. She is also not a kick-ass heroine. She is real. She is relatable.

Reading this book was really an experience. It was generally sad but it’s not the kind of sad that leaves you feeling desolate and melancholic after. It just makes you think about your life and how lucky you have been. The last few chapters were the most remarkable and hard hitting. It made me bawl so bad. My tears were uncontrollable and that was a first for me! But it was a good cry. A cry of acceptance and empathy for the heroine who has been strong for too long. I cried when her ‘journey’ ended. I cried when she finally decided to move on and start a new life. But everything turned out okay. The epilogue healed my wounds. It was everything I needed: heartwarming, touching, rewarding.

Let me talk about the hero too. Diaz is just as wonderful as Milla. He’s the key to everything and I’m just happy he and Milla found each other. I’m just over all awed by their story and their adventure to finding peace and contentment.

Please take a time to read this. You won’t regret it!