Title: Beard Science

Author: Penny Reid

Series: Winston Brothers #3

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: October 11th 2016 by Cipher-Naught

Rating: 3/5 stars ★★★


“Stay away from the normals, the small-minded people who fill their brains with small-minded pursuits, who blend in and keep up with the Joneses. Those people will tear you down and make you boring. Instead, surround yourself with the weirds. With the misfits, oddballs, and outcasts. Because the normals, bless their hearts, have no idea how to have fun.”


Make a deal with the devil and you might get what you want, but will it be what you need?

Jennifer Sylvester wants one thing, and that one thing is NOT to be Tennessee’s reigning Banana Cake Queen. Ever the perpetual good girl and obedient daughter, Jennifer is buckling under the weight of her social media celebrity, her mother’s ambitions, and her father’s puritanical mandates. Jennifer is officially desperate.

And desperate times call for Cletus Winston.

Cletus Winston is a puzzle wrapped in a mystery covered in conundrum sauce, and now he’s in a pickle. Despite being convinced of his own omniscience, extortion by the exalted Banana Cake Queen of Green Valley has taken him completely by surprise. So… what’s a maniacal mastermind to do?

Likely, the last thing you expect.

‘Beard Science’ is the third book in the Winston Brothers series, is a full-length romantic comedy novel, and can be read as a standalone.


3 of 5 stars to Beard Science by Penny Reid



I completely enjoyed this story but something about it doesn’t quite meet my expectations of a four star read or higher.

Jenn is a push-over but I surprisingly felt sympathy towards her. She took the obedient daughter a little too seriously but I understand because I myself do not want to disappoint or hurt my parents (by saying no to their demands). Her timid personality only got to me once and that was only because she has already started to embrace change but still couldn’t stand up for herself against a bully. I just didn’t like that a guy had to speak up for her.

Cletus is weird. Sometimes it felt like I’m reading about a robot for the way Cletus approaches things. He compartmentalizes his feelings, likes to plan ahead and can be condescending too. Having said so, I related to his dislike for change. Be it a good one or bad, I don’t like dealing with changes in life. I want routine, peace and order most of all. Sounds boring which can be true but it’s partly why I read. I get my adventures from the books I read. Anyway, I digress.

Towards the end of the book, the reading experience fell flat only because there were sex scenes that I think weren’t needed. I skipped these actually. It’s unnecessary to add this kind of moments especially when the conflict has been resolved and a HEA is pretty much guaranteed. In short, the sex sort of delays the HEA.

I am excited to read about Beau and Shelly. I’m a little skeptical regarding Shelly but I’m still curious about her back story.

***Cover Art: 3/5 stars. Refreshing but still poorly done in my opinion.