Title: After We Fall

Author: Melanie Harlow

Series: N/A * (See note below)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: November 28th 2016

Rating: 4/5 stars ★★★★

“Second chances are not given to make things right, but are given to prove that we could be even better after we fall. Unknown”


Jack Valentini isn’t my type.

Sexy, brooding cowboys are fine in the movies, but in real life, I prefer a suit and tie. Proper manners. A close shave.

Jack might be gorgeous, but he’s also scruffy, rugged, and rude. He wants nothing to do with a “rich city girl” like me, and he isn’t afraid to say so.

But I’ve got a PR job to do for his family’s farm, so he’s stuck with me and I’m stuck with him. His glares. His moods. His tight jeans. His muscles.

His huge, hard muscles.

Pretty soon there’s a whole different kind of tension between us, the kind that has me misbehaving in barns, trees, and pickup trucks. I’ve never done anything so out of character—but it feels too good to stop.

And the more I learn about the grieving ex-Army sergeant, the better I understand him. Losing his wife left him broken and bitter and blaming himself. He doesn’t think he deserves a second chance at happiness.

But he’s wrong.

I don’t need to be his first love. If only he’d let me be his last.


4 of 5 stars to After We Fall by Melanie Harlow


*Note: Just like what I stated in my previous review about book three, After We Fall is also formally a stand-alone novel but the heroine’s best friends have their own books too and in fact, this is the second in the “non-series.” I don’t know why the author didn’t make an official series name for the three books but the female leads definitely exist in the same world.


I have a certain bias for “city girl falls in love with a farmer” stories so it should be no surprise that I loved this one immensely.

Jack and Margot had really great chemistry and even though they just met, the romance didn’t feel premature at all.

Margot is a very ideal heroine. Yes, she’s rich and spoiled but she’s also generous, kind and unintentionally funny. She has such a huge heart and it even extends to farm animals. Her adventures in the farm with Jack were absolutely enjoyable.

Jack was a douche in the beginning but he redeemed himself quite fast. I find it cute that he can’t resist smiling at Margot’s blunders in the farm and he found something to look forward to each day since he met Margot.

Over-all, After We Fall is a solid chick-lit, light romance with a dash of drama.

***covert art: 3/5 stars. Oh, look! Another shirtless guy. That’s totally new (sarcasm here). At least, he’s handsome though.***