Title: A Husband’s Regret

Author: Natasha Anders

Series: Unwanted #2

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: April 29th 2014 by Montlake Romance

Rating: 3/5 stars ★★★


Tall and thin, twenty-eight-year-old Bronwyn Palmer has become positively gaunt, a ghost of her former self. That self was?and still is?the wife of a rich, handsome executive with an ocean-view house and his own security staff.

It was in that house, two years ago, that Bryce Palmer learned Bronwyn was pregnant with their first child. But Bryce’s rage over his impending fatherhood touched off a chain reaction of emotional and physical traumas that wounded them both. For Bronwyn, it meant fleeing the perfect marriage to start over with nothing but a precocious daughter named Kayla to care for. For Bryce, it meant a tortuous two years spent blaming his wife for deserting him, and living with the pain of not knowing his child. Now a chance encounter has brought Bronwyn back into Bryce’s life, both bearing scars?and neither knowing the whole truth of that fateful night that drove them apart.


3 of 5 stars to A Husband’s Regret by Natasha Anders


A Husband’s Regret reads just like The Unwanted Wife only that I felt the story and the romance were less compelling than The Unwanted Wife.

The hero’s animosity towards the heroine (Bronwyn) was misguided. The whole conflict seemed not that well thought out. It had questionable aspects to it, some can even be called contrived just to create drama. However, I liked that Bryce wasn’t always the all handsome, perfect alpha hero. He suffered some physical and emotional damages after the accident. I also enjoyed the moments he interacted with his daugter Kayla.

Over all, this is a nice read. If you enjoy a good old douchey hero turned groveling, this book would be perfect for you.

** cover art: 2/5 stars. MEH.