Historical Romance novels are notorious for having bodice-ripper themes–that innocent heroine and rake of a hero combination–but lo and behold, Julia Quinn, who came and changed the game by having her stories innocently romantic but never lacking the fire. Just Like Heaven is one of my first reads from her and I immediately noticed how refreshingly different her characters are. Honoria is the typical Historical heroine–innocent, pure, kind-hearted–but not necessarily the most beautiful. Marcus, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air for his realistic and unique qualities. He is shy, not really remarkable in looks either, his body is not ripped but lean, and most of all, he is loyal. The reason I chose to feature this book for June is because it reminded me of the beauty of love in its purest form, which I saw in Honoria and Marcus. Being this month is all about weddings, I wanted to remind everyone to take their vows sacredly (and also, the cover art is so pretty! It almost looks like a wedding gown).


Just Like Heaven

by Julia Quinn

Genre: Historical Romance

“People saw what they expected to see. It was one of the basic truisms of life.”


Honoria Smythe-Smith is:
A) a really bad violinist
B) still miffed at being nicknamed “Bug” as a child
C) not in love with her older brother’s best friend
D) all of the above

Marcus Holroyd is:
A) the Earl of Chatteris
B) regrettably prone to sprained ankles
C) not in love with his best friend’s younger sister
D) all of the above

Together they:
A) eat quite a bit of chocolate cake
B) survive a deadly fever and the world’s worst musical performance
C) fall quite desperately in love

It’s Julia Quinn at her best, so you know the answer is …
D) all of the above