Title: Devil in Spring

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Series: The Ravenels #3  (Books are stand-alone)

Genre: Historical Romance

Published: February 21st 2017 by Avon

Rating: 5/5 stars ★★★★

“There are young women who have goals other than finding a husband.”


An eccentric wallflower…

Most debutantes dream of finding a husband. Lady Pandora Ravenel has different plans. The ambitious young beauty would much rather stay at home and plot out her new board game business than take part in the London Season. But one night at a glittering society ball, she’s ensnared in a scandal with a wickedly handsome stranger.

A cynical rake…

After years of evading marital traps with ease, Gabriel, Lord St. Vincent, has finally been caught-by a rebellious girl who couldn’t be less suitable. In fact, she wants nothing to do with him. But Gabriel finds the high-spirited Pandora irresistible. He’ll do whatever it takes to possess her, even if their marriage of convenience turns out to be the devil’s own bargain.

A perilous plot…

After succumbing to Gabriel’s skilled and sensuous persuasion, Pandora agrees to become his bride. But soon she discovers that her entrepreneurial endeavors have accidentally involved her in a dangerous conspiracy — and only her husband can keep her safe. As Gabriel protects her from their unknown adversaries, they realize their devil’s bargain may just turn out to be a match made in heaven…


5 of 5 stars to Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas


With the amount of Lisa Kleypas’ books I’ve read, I have come to the conclusion that her recent releases wouldn’t provide me with anything new anymore. Consider me corrected.

Devil in Spring started out quite predictable in a typical Kleypas fashion–two leads not wanting anything to do with the other–but came midway with the sweetest, most pleasant surprise. I will elaborate on that later but first, let’s meet our hero and heroine.

Gabriel St. Vincent is the son of notorious former rake, Lord St. Vincent and wallflower Evie from the book with a closely similar title, Devil in Winter. While Gabriel isn’t like his philandering father, he’s known for his good looks and is dubbed as the “greatest catch of the season.”

Pandora, on the other hand, is the sister of Helen Ravenel from the book Marrying Winterbourne. Pandora is known for her adventurous spirit and dubbed as the “misbehaving twin sister.”

As all romantic meet-cutes go, Gabriel and Pandora met in a rather unusual situation which ended up compromising them. It was a fun and enjoyable getting-to-know each other stage after that.

Going back to the moment that I thought was the most romantic of all…

It happened in a rather simple setting that made it all the more special. Pandora has trouble keeping her balance when dancing and especially when it’s dark. It stems from the fact that she has trouble hearing in one ear so when she turns suddenly as with waltz dances, she ends up having vertigo. Gabriel wanted to help her overcome this by teaching her a slower waltz. At first, Pandora was mad because Gabriel involved another person in their activity. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her condition in fear of being pitied or worse, mocked. It didn’t help that she was feeling bad because she had a late night. The first few minutes were a struggle but Gabriel patiently taught her until she didn’t even realize she was doing the turns perfectly and the song had already finished. Combined with the emotional toll she endured the night before, Pandora burst out crying after realizing that she couldn’t not marry Gabriel after this.

I thought what Gabriel did was sweet and it was a proof of how much he already loved her even before he knew it. The moment was so beautiful that when I read about the part where Pandora started crying, my tears fell too. It was a truly memorable scene for me and would definitely be in my list of favorite moments in books.

So even if the story didn’t seem quite so exciting after they got together and some plots weren’t closed, I still enjoyed reading this and gave it four stars just for that one iconic moment.

I made a new character aesthetic for Devil in Spring! I can’t get enough of this book so I talk about it again here in this post.

There are more edits in this post so be sure to check it out as well 🙂

***cover art: 5/5 stars. It’s so beautiful! I wish all historical romance covers were like this one. Classy and tasteful in its simplicity.***