Title: My Notorious Gentleman

Author: Gaelen Foley

Series: The Inferno Club #6 (stand-alone)

Genre: Historical Romance

Published: July 30th 2013 by Avon

Rating: 4/5 stars ★★★★

“Love, war, same thing. Either one, you bleed for.


Shy, warm-hearted Miss Grace Kenwood knows she has no chance of tempting her new neighbor, Lord Trevor Montgomery. Every eligible beauty is swooning over the brooding former spy. Even though he once kissed her senseless, he can have no interest in someone like her. Yet somehow, the seductive rogue unleashes her own inner devil…

Every lady loves a hero, but Trevor has no interest in any of them— except for the refreshingly candid Grace. If he had a heart left, Grace might steal it. She insists he’s better than he thinks. He’s sure she’s absolutely wrong. Until danger threatens, and Trevor rediscovers how easy it is to be a hero…for the right lady.


4 of 5 stars to My Notorious Gentleman by Gaelen Foley


Gaelen Foley is new to me and I plan to know more about her works soon after reading My Notorious Gentleman—a hopeful, lighthearted novel about two lovable characters who deserved happiness, perhaps a little more than everybody else, for they have been so selfless most their lives. It’s a heartwarming experience to read such a wonderful story.

My Notorious Gentleman flowed so naturally with bursts of funny situations that only made the hero and the heroine endearing. It’s full of interesting side characters that you’d both love and hate. And while retaining its lighthearted feel, the book still accurately depicted the hardships after a war, how bleak the future seemed to be for small town people left to fend for themselves. However, the book never felt depressing. In fact, it was rewarding to read about the miserable state of life the people of Thistletown have and then see them recover from it through hard work and community effort.

Perhaps the most beautiful lesson to take from this story is that every one of us have flaws and shortcomings, we sin, but it does not mean that we do not deserve to be loved nor to be given a second or third chance, infinite really. Trevor, a war hero; Grace, a preacher’s daughter & champion of the poor; George and Callie, spoiled aristocrats; Marianne, a whore; and all the people of Thistletown—they are not perfect. They have good and bad moments. They make mistakes. They’re human. But the important thing is that they learned, they matured and they changed to become better persons.

***cover art: 4/5 stars. Gorgeous cover!***