Cliché as it may seem, I see nothing wrong with sharing books that I think give us all the love feels for the love month. Here are the most romantic books that are guaranteed to make you believe in love again or really, to just have fun vicariously through these characters and their stories. (On a side note, please excuse the side commentaries I added. It’s just that with these books, it’s impossible to not let the feels out).


1. Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas (Historical Romance)

My top favorite romance read. I’ve read this one a total of 3 times, twice last year and the third time just last week. Nothing—as in nothing—can compare to the total sweetness this book exudes and it’s got one of the sweetest heroes to grace romancelandia, ever.


An eccentric wallflower meets cynical but silver-tongued rake and proceeds to have the sweetest courtship ever told.


My laugh sounds like a serenading tree frog swinging on a rusty gate.”

Gabriel smiled. “Like silver wind chimes in a summer breeze.”

“That’s not at all how it sounds,” Pandora scoffed.

“But that’s how it makes me feel.” (SHUT UP GABRIEL THAT WAS SO SWEET!!! I’M LEVITATING)


2. Beard in Mind by Penny Reid (Contemporary Romance)

A special book that holds a special place in my heart. It has one of my favorite moments in books .


Brooding, misunderstood Shelley clashes with easy-going charmer, Beau. Two people whose personalities stand at each end of the spectrum prove the age old adage, “Opposites attract,” true.


”No big deal. It’s just sex. It’ll be fun.”

She’d made quick work of unbuckling my belt and had already moved to the button of my fly before I caught her hands. Holding them until she gave me her eyes, my stomach sunk to my feet. What the hell has gotten into her? “It’s a big deal to me.” Her gaze searched mine, the muscle at her jaw jumping.

“Is it a big deal because sex is a big deal? Or because it’s me?”

I hesitated, because this question sounded like a trap. A woman trap. The most perilous of all traps.

(This wasn’t the favorite moment I was talking about, just to be clear; but this is the best representation of how the story went against romance tropes like the girl valuing sex more than the guy, etc. Beau is one refreshing hero and not to mention funny. Also, kudos to the author for sounding so natural even with a male voice).


3. After the Night by Linda Howard (Romantic Suspense)

A little something for those looking to read romance on the more steamy side. This one has got everything you’ll ask for in a romance book: drama, action, suspense, and chemistry. One of the rare books that perfectly captured that aloof romance sizzle. Prepare your heart folks, this book is addicting.


Your typical good girl-bad boy story but with a lot more intrigue and sexiness. 


“You see?” he asked, his voice softening to a velvety pun as he felt her tremble. His warm breath stirred her hair. “All I have to do is touch you. It’s the same for me, Faith. I don’t like this worth a damn, but by God, I want you, and we’re going to do something about it.” 


4. Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh (Paranormal Romance)

Part of an on-going series (now on book #18), this one (book #10) may require you to read the previous books to truly appreciate the couple’s story but all the books in the series are supposedly stand-alone, each one featuring a different couple, so essentially, you won’t miss anything big. It’s just that the couple started developing sexual tension since book one, which is only a minor detail, but also delicious enough to not want to miss.


Werewolf boy and Mutant girl dance around each other until circumstances finally forced them together.


“She blew out a breath between gritted teeth. “Sometimes I really want to”—a frustrated sound—“bite you!” 

He froze. “I might let you.” 

“I won’t do it if you’d enjoy it.”

(This is just one of their many cute banters. I promise, you’ll enjoy this story!)


5. Making Faces by Amy Harmon (New Adult)

A story that beautifully depicted the different kinds of vanity people have, and the pride that comes with it. Tear-jerking and heartwarming, this book is a guaranteed unforgettable read.


Shy, hopeless romantic Fern Taylor worships town Golden boy, Ambrose Young. Golden boy couldn’t care less about Shy Girl.. that is until their roles got reversed.


“Nobody or Nowhere?

Fern: I’d rather be nobody at home than somebody somewhere else.

Ambrose: I’d rather be nowhere. Being nobody when you’re expected to be somebody gets old.

Fern: How would you know? Have you been nobody? 

Ambrose: Everybody who is somebody becomes nobody the moment they fail.” 


6. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner (Fantasy)

If you think you can’t find a great love story in science fiction, think again. These Broken Stars just have the right amount of romance and galactic awesomeness to satisfy romance and sci-fi fans alike. Bonus that Lilac and Tarver have the most epic ‘meet-cute’ and the most entertaining ‘get to know each other’ stage. Another favorite of mine.


Spoiled heiress and cynical war hero try a hand at survival in a strange, new planet. 


“Major, to what extent did you act upon your feelings for Miss LaRoux?”


“Excuse me?”

“How am I supposed to answer that question?” 


7. Pucked by Helena Hunting (Sports Romance)

I have never read a more hilarious MC than Violet. She’s got a filthy mouth, but it was freaking hilarious. She honestly made this book, but of course, Alex is cute too.


Judgmental Violet has no time for hockey players who are frankly, only good at playing—sports or otherwise—but then she meets Alex, and all hell breaks loose. On the non-dramatic side, Violet realizes that she may have been a little too hasty stereotyping the men of sports.


“So you run a book club? What’s that like?” He stretches his arm out, grazing his fingertips along my shoulder.

I’m not sure how to answer this question without sounding too losery. “I don’t run it, I just participate. Mostly it’s an excuse to drink wine and eat junk food while discussing smutty books. We don’t typically read sixteenth century literature, but we had a real smut run for the last few months. This chick Lydia was getting tired of reading the word moist, so she picked Fielding. It’s a little extreme.”

Alex shudders. “Understandable, really. Moist is a terrible word.”

“So true. It should only be used to describe the consistency of cake.”

(It was said that after this, no smut author dared use the word ‘moist’ again).


8. Love, Life, and the List by Kasie West (Young Adult)

And lastly, can’t forget Young Adult. The genre may not have the most epic love stories, but they sure are cute. Take this book for example. Nothing really magnificent about it, just a light, fun story that you could read in one sitting. Plus, it’s got a ‘list’! Stories that have ‘lists’ are often a ball to read. If you need something to pass the time, this is the easiest choice.


An artist who needs an inspiration starts making a list of things that could ignite creativity and it may or may not involve falling in love.


He lay back on the rock, wadding up the towel and putting it under his head. “You know, you’re the only person I can sit still with.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I like to be in motion. I get antsy when I’m doing nothing. But you’re so good at it that I don’t mind it at all.” 

And, that’s it. I hope that by including every romance sub genre, you’d have at least one choice for a particular genre of preference. I wanted to include more, especially in the historical and contemporary romance genre, but the post would be too long because a lot of my favorite romantic reads are in that category.

Anyhow, wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day!