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Here I go again with another book inspired ask game to welcome March. I decided to rename the category from “Book Questions” to “Ask Game” instead because I realized I want to talk about more topics other than my book preferences such as my favorite Ghibli movies (which I will post soon) for example.

Anyway, this set of ‘asks’ is fun so I decided to answer and post them on the blog. (Also, it’s an excuse to talk about myself so pardon me in advance :D) And if you like, you can do them too!

As per usual, I provided graphics to easily visualize the situations described in the ask game. Right, let’s get started!


1. Which three characters would you invite to tea?

This is difficult! But I guess I’d invite my favorite intergalactic queens, Lilac Tarver and Hannah Donnelly, along with my favorite demigod, Sparrow. I imagine we’d have the best conversations.

Lilac from These Broken Stars; Hanna from Gemina; and Sparrow from Strange the Dreamer


2. If you could attend a party that one character was throwing, whose party would you want to attend?

Probably Howl Jenkins Pendragon’s (Howl’s Moving Castle) because it will surely be magical and quirky!


3. Wed, bed, and behead

Wed: Gabriel St. Vincent from Devil in Spring (damn that man is the sweetest. I would like to be his wife)

How I imagine Gabriel

Bed: Akiva from Daughter of Smoke & Bone (I’d like me some hot angel—literally and figuratively—thanks very much)



Behead: Locke from The Cruel Prince (no explanation needed)


4. You can explore one character’s house while they’re away. Whose would it be?

I’d like to say Howl’s because it will surely be interesting with his potion and book of spells there but what would I, a mere human, do with all that? (spells can only be cast by witches..) So I’ll go with any one of my historical favorites, Harry Rutledge (Tempt Me at Twilight) for example. It would be nice to see his hotels and his trinket collection and also, Sebastian St. Vincent (Devil in Winter). I read they have a beachside country home. I would love to see that.


5. Best dressed character?

Again, Howl Jenkins Pendragon (this guy is really dominating this ask tag)


6. Which character most closely mirrors your aesthetic?

I hate to say this but Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. I love pretty things from clothes to accessories to room decor. My style is also pretty similar to hers: mostly feminine but a few times “cool girl-ish” if you get what I mean. I wear a lot of short, midi, and vintage dresses that I often pair with sneakers. I also have so many pairs of socks in various designs and colors but I only actually wear three. My favorite fruit is tangerine and I love ice cream. I would like to try and explore the outdoors more but you can often find me lounging in my bed, either reading or updating my blog.


7. Best library you’ve encountered (fictional or brick and mortar, whichever you prefer)?

My sad self had only been to few libraries in my life and nothing was impressive so I guess I’ll just pick a fictional one. The Great Library of Zosma from Strange the Dreamer. It’s a huge building with thousands of books on several floors. I prefer small libraries though.


8. If you could step into any book and spend one month in that world, which would you pick?

I’d really like to experience how life was in the 1700/1800’s in Scotland or in England so I’d choose “The Bride” by Julie Garwood and Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas. I know how hard life was back then but I’ll only be staying for a month so.. win-win!


9. Who would win in a bar fight? Akiva (Daughter of Smoke & Bone) or Lazlo (Strange the Dreamer)?

I don’t know why I chose to pit them against each other when I know the results would be an even match. Akiva may have a slight advantage because of his field experience but then again Lazlo has magic so… really, it’s a toss up.


10. Which character do you most identify with?

I’ve said this before: Sophie Hatter (same defeatist attitude) from Howl’s Moving Castle and also Sparrow (Strange the Dreamer, we have the same personality).


11. Is there a scene from a book that struck you?

I have so many but the most unforgettable and the one that made me cry the hardest was when the heroine from Cry No More finally met her long lost son.


12. What book or series turned you into a bookworm?

Nothing, I swear. I’ve always loved reading.


13. Is there a book or character that you just can’t forget about?

Hazael, my darling angel. (Days of Blood & Starlight)


14. What’s your favorite comfort book?

Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas


15. Favorite book-related playlist?

Peaceful Guitar – I listen to block out my noisy, gossiping neighbors.






16. Do you have any reading rituals? Is there a particular tea or coffee or wine you like? A favorite chair, candle, room, etc?

I just read whenever I feel like it so no ritual at all.


17. If there was one thing you could change about your favorite book what would it be?

Add more chapters to Champion’s ending (Champion by Marie Lu). Say, a glimpse of June and Day a few years later where Day finally remembers June and then they get back together.


18. If you could introduce a character to a character from a different book, who would you introduce and why?

Sparrow (Strange the Dreamer) to Hazael (Days of Blood & Starlight) and then let her heal him so he could live. And then they could fall in love with each other.


19. What is the first sentence of the book you’re currently reading?

“Out in the Waste stood a home, abandoned.” (Our Dark Duet, Victoria Schwab)


20. What books are you currently reading?

– Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab
– The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
– The Kill Order by James Dashner
– Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


21. Which fictional character would you go to for life advice?

Probably Brimstone from Daughter of Smoke & Bone


22. Quote that makes you laugh.

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” – Robert A. Heinlein


Ask game source: Tea Alchemist