If you don’t already know from my three (“!!!”) above, then I am very excited to tell you that I won a book giveaway for the first time EVER. I am so happy! I never expected to get picked over hundreds of other instagram comments (that’s where the giveaway happened) so it actually feels like an achievement to be chosen.

The book is Pucked Off by Helena Hunting, fifth installment in the “Pucked” series all about hockey romance. If you want fun, flirty sports romance, I definitely recommend this. Pucked Off happens to be my favorite in the series.

Anyway, I picked the package up just this morning at my local post office and went about posting an unboxing video (it’s on my instagram page @geekymythology if you want to check it out!) immediately after—you can tell how ecstatic I was. The package came with a signed paperback of Pucked Off, “Handle With Care” (Helena Hunting’s upcoming title) lipbalm, and a cute pen. I didn’t expect to get a lipbalm and a pen with my book so my happiness just about tripled. It seems like my winning was fate because I have a serious need of lipbalms (my lips are always dry) and I have a pen addiction (the Helena Hunting pen is definitely a unique addition to my collection).

What a memorable day. My first giveaway and it was the sweetest experience. Thank you Miss Helena Hunting and team!❤