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Autumn for me is a sentimental season. It brings about profound feelings of just about anything. I blame the orange hue for that. Something about the color orange makes people feel emotions.

Autumn itself is profound. If it’s a feeling, it would be longing; if it’s a time, it would be twilight; if it’s a television genre, it would be a soap opera.

Autumn has that classic feel — timeless, never goes out of style. Everything about it is dramatic from the changing leaves to the weather.

But it also feels transitional and temporary. Unlike the other seasons, autumn feels short; like an ‘interlude’ or an’in-between’.

If you think about it, autumn is the only season with predominantly dark or sad emotions attached to it. Summer and Spring are unapologetically cheery seasons. Winter can be sad but with Christmas as its major attraction, it doesn’t feel like it most of the time. Interesting isn’t it?

And in all those things I mentioned about autumn, these books had one or more of the same things:


I know autumn rarely brings in storms, but “Low Pressure” is a book that radiates drama, intrigue, suspense — and all those intense and dark emotions are very “autumn”. REVIEW HERE


Dreaming of You will be a classic if it isn’t already. Sarah and Derek’s story will be remembered forever. REVIEW HERE


This book reads just like a soap opera. From the small town setting to the lead character’s red hair, this for me screams “autumn”. REVIEW HERE


Every book character is in a transitional phase in their lives but the one in The Witness feels more so because the character let herself become a recluse for so long. She’s about to experience a very big change in her life, sort of like shedding the old leaves and eventually making room for new ones that would make her better. REVIEW HERE


Wow, here is a book with so much profound feelings. One, the lead character’s longing for real love; two, her pain for having experienced loss; three, her suffering for having an apathetic husband and father; and fourth, her bitterness–she’s finally had enough of a sham of a marriage and wanted out. But it can’t be all that easy. cue in more profound feelings. REVIEW HERE


Do you want dramas in spades? Do you want star-crossed lovers type of romance? How about a disapproving and controlling father to add to the drama? Well, you’ve come to the right place. If drama’s your thing, this book will be your thing. REVIEW HERE

Shades of Twilight

Another soap opera-ish book. Another drama-filled storyline. I’m here for all of it!

Blue Eyed Devil

This one’s a more contemporary type of soap opera but dramatic nonetheless. REVIEW HERE

Sweet Gum Tree

Aside from the book cover, the second chance love story for me also gives off autumn vibes. The whole second chance thing just feels dramatic to me. REVIEW HERE

Paper Swan

The childhood friends to lovers trope also feels like autumn. The aspect of being childhood friends feels pure but we know most childhood friendships don’t last and therefore, it’s temporary and sometimes even transitional for the way it evolves into something more — romantic love. Paper Swan’s story is that. REVIEW HERE

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