There aren’t that many changes in my reading life in the years that I have been active both as a reader and a blogger so this won’t be a ‘top ten’ thing.

The biggest change I noticed is my genre preference. It comes naturally with age, I think. Back in high school, I read a lot of middle grade and young adult books almost always in a high school setting. I remember binge-reading The Princess Diaries series (all ten books), Vampirates, Twilight, Fallen, and some lesser known title “Please Don’t Be True”.

Photo by Annie Spratt

It stayed the same up until my early 20s. The change only happened a few years back when I’ve finally outgrown young adult contemporaries. I feel I’ve had enough of high school themed contemporaries for the rest of my life (but you never know — I certainly don’t want to speak definitely because I happen to enjoy high school movies still).

Nowadays, I read a lot of adult romantic contemporaries, suspense and historical romance. I still read Young Adult of course, but mostly in the fantasy sub-genre.

Photo by Roman Synkevych

The second change that comes to mind is my reading enthusiasm. Back in the day, I read a hundred books a year — sometimes more — but now I find myself having a hard time finishing a meager fifty. I attribute that to becoming a picky reader. Over the years, I’ve developed a specific reading taste so I rarely ever venture out of my favorites or give other authors a try.

At the same time I’m reluctant to try new authors in my favorite genre (romance), I’m now trying to expand my reading genre. Recently, I’ve picked up books from authors I haven’t read before and from genres I haven’t tried; example is Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman, my first foray into General Fiction.

I also started reading “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman, a fantasy (not to be confused with YA Fantasy).

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker

When I was younger, I felt the stigma around romance and its readers so I kept that fact about me a secret from acquaintances and some friends and family members. These days, I don’t much care about what people think of my romance reading preferences. Social media and the blogging community helped me through that.

I think that sums up all the ‘changes’ in my reading habits. I would love to hear yours and more so I’ll leave the link to Top Ten Tuesday topics here.