1. That it’s easy to order from Book Depository

I’ve always known about Book Depository because it comes up all the time from co-blogger’s posts but the first time I checked it out (2015), I encountered a hurdle (credit card requirement) and as always when faced with ‘credit card’ stuff, I go ‘nah’ and never bother again.

But this year, my work required me to get a prepaid card (which I ended up not using) but it’s apparently the answer I’ve been waiting for all this time.

Turns out, I didn’t need a credit card after all. Prepaid cards made my Book Depository transactions possible and it’s been a great relationship so far.

  1. That it’s possible to completely lost interest in reading.

Last year was the longest book slump I had. In fact, it’s the ONLY book slump I ever had and it took months! I’m not actually over the book slump yet. I started reading Rebel three weeks ago and I’m still at Chapter 5 or something.

I usually speed through books and it’s making me sad that I’m no longer as passionate about it. Full disclosure, from 100 in 2015-2016, to 50 in 2017-2019, the Goodreads Reading Challenge I set for myself this year is now only a low 12. One book a month and yet I’m still unsure whether I’ll complete the challenge or not.

  1. That instrumental music is helpful in blocking out noisy neighbors

I always thought I couldn’t completely immerse in a book when music is playing (and it’s still true for music with lyrics) but I found out last year that jazz, guitar, piano and nature soundtracks help me concentrate more especially when I want to block out my noisy neighbors’ endless chatters I could hear all the way to my room (downside of living in apartments).

  1. Portable book lights

Would you believe I hadn’t known about the existence of portable book lights until last year? I was just randomly looking through magnetic bookmarks at a bookstore last year and beside them I saw a tiny book light and I was so amazed at my ignorance because all this time I’ve been using my cellphone’s flashlight when an ergonomic option is actually available.

I still haven’t bought one by the way. It’s more expensive than a book so I’ve been making excuses. 😅

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