This is my first time participating in “Blogger Awards” and I’ve got CS to thank for that! She nominated me for a “Sunshine Blogger Award” so I’m absolutely grateful to her but even without that, she’s an amazing blogger all around. Blogging has been so much better since we started following each other here. Please check her blog out (Illuminating the Fool’s Mirror), it’s filled with well thought out pieces on cool topics like mythology. 🙂

The Rules

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Here are the 11 questions form CS:

1. What kinds of music do you like?

I don’t have a preference. I just listen and then decide if love it or not. But I mostly listen to pop and ballad.

2. What’s one thing you would absolutely never eat?

Oh, the list never ends. Just to mention a few: live worms; I’m scared of any kind of worm!!! I panic when I see one so eating it is out of the question. Even if you offer me a million dollars to eat one, it’s still a no.

Second thing: live octopus. This is a delicacy in South Korea.  It’s very dangerous because the tentacles are still moving and can block your air. I wouldn’t want to die of choking, thanks, and to my own volition at that? There are more painless ways to go, just saying. 😆

If you want to see the Nat Geo documentary about it, here you go.

3. What is a language you don’t currently speak but wish you could?

Korean just because it would be very helpful for my line of work. I would also love to be fluent in Japanese, Mandarin, Thai and Spanish.

4. Would you rather live in a city, a small town, or alone in the woods?

In a small town. I absolutely hate the noise and pollution in the city. The convenience is an advantage, yes, but as I grow older, the more I realize how tired I am of it. Besides, the people in the city are so freaking rude. I’m done with them. (LOL)

I recently went on a beach trip and I met so many nice locals. Their life is so simple and they seem so happy! It made me want to relocate there. For real.

5. Is there anything you cannot currently change about your blog that you wish you could?

Probably frequency of posts. The number of my posts depends on the number of books I read and this year, I haven’t finished a single one so my blog is becoming a bit stagnant. I really gotta change this.

6. If you had shape-shifting powers, would you rather be able to change into any specific human being or any type of animal?

I think I’d want to be able to shape-shift into a bird because it would be nice to experience a legitimate “bird’s eye view” whenever I fancy.

7. Which would you rather watch, a sunrise or a sunset?

I find sunsets prettier but I would rather watch a sunrise just because after watching, I can do so many more with the day just starting as opposed to watching a sunset where it would be dark after and the things you could do would be limited.

Realistically speaking however, I would probably watch a sunset because I’m not a morning person.

8. If you could name a star, what would you call it?

I can’t think of a witty name but probably, “Tala,” read as tah-lah. It means “star” in my language (lazy, I know 🤣)

9. Where does the line between adventure and danger lie for you?

A tiny bit from the starting line, I suppose. My sense of adventure is next to nothing.

10. Would you ever go to Mars?

Definitely! It would be a life-changing experience.

11. What fairy tale/mythological role do you see yourself in? If none, make up a new one!

Peter Pan, I guess. It has great lessons in it.


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1. What life advice would you give a high school senior who’s undecided about which major to study? Would you be idealistic or realistic in your approach?

2. Share one “crossroads” story where you had to make a tough choice in the past and now you feel like you made the wrong one, like your life would be a lot better if you made the other choice.

3. What would you tell your younger self?

4. If you’re given the chance to watch “a day in the life” of your future self, at what age or on what date would you want to see and why?

5. Warm weather or cold weather?

6. Your favorite foreign cuisine?

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8. Describe your fasion style.

9. Your favorite line from a book/movie/song?

10. Did your childhood expectations meet your current reality?

11. What’s your Briggs-Myers personality type?

Looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts 🙂