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This blog is a collection of the owner’s thoughts, whims and whatnots. It may contain random musings about music, pop culture and the blogger’s life in general. But mostly, you will find yourself drowning in a lot of book reviews from the most recently published creations to the popular classics. The blogger has a healthy appetite for romance (because her real life sucks) so if you are a cynic one, beware, you might experience some serious heaving.


The blog owner’s name is Erika. Yes, just Erika because she refuses to divulge her full name for security purposes. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication from some university in SE Asia that has vowed exaltation to the color RED.

She claims to be a feminist but she sounds like a misandrist most of the time. She hates seeing weak women (maybe stemming from the fact that she herself thinks she’s weak). You may have noticed that she doesn’t like females suffering and being labeled as “damsels-in-distress”. It is a big no-no for her. Women maybe physically weaker than men in general but emotionally, she believes that women are the strongest.

Erika is a hypocrite. She writes and talks about love but she doesn’t truly embrace its faculties. Yes, she believes in love although she’s resigned to thinking that it isn’t for her. The fact is, only a few lucky people get to find and keep it and Erika is not exactly ‘lucky.’

She is a very principled person. She always makes sure that in everything she does, her principles are intact. The things that she believes in are her driving force, her motivation in achieving her goals.

Lastly, she is average. Everything about her is mediocre. She does not excel in anything.


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