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Hey there! So I’ve been gone for almost 3 months now and I’m extremely sorry for that. As much as I would love to update, I couldn’t squeeze in time to blog. Blame it on my graveyard shift at work. It was my first job so it was a hard adjustment for me. Anyway, I’ve […]

2015 Reading Challenge

It’s always fun to take on reading challenges as it helps you expand your reading genre. I saw this post on 9gag but I found out that it’s originally from Pop Sugar. I am officially taking on Pop Sugar’s reading challenge! If you have some books you’d like to suggest that fit the requirements below, […]


I guess starting my wordpress blog today is some sort of gift for myself. You see, it’s my 20th birthday today. I am now officially no longer in the “teen” bracket. Rather, I am one in the twentys category. Oh dear, I don’t know how to feel about it? Haha. Belonging in the 20-29 age […]

First Post

I have a blog in blogspot actually but my posts there are rather focused in fangirling and I didn’t want people to know I spazz like crazy. So here I am, making yet another wordpress blog (I made one years ago but I didn’t get to update it as much because I’m stupid when it […]